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(Lycopersicon esculentum)

Spanish-It is an "heirloom" variety that does very well in our tropical climate. The fruits are large, juicy and with an exquisite flavor. The plant needs support from some structure during its growth since it is an indeterminate variety. It is better to pick the fruit when it begins to ripen and complete its ripening without exposing it to the sun.

Tomate / Tomato "Homestead"

SKU: V043
  • Climate: Direct Sun
    Germination: 4-8 days
    Depth: 1/4"
    Distance: 16"-24"
    Harvest: 60-80 days

    Sizes and Prices:

    Package (60 seeds approx) $2.00

    1/4 oz (700 seeds approx) $15.00

    1 oz (2,400 seeds approx) $40.00

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