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  • Do we ship to the United States?
    YES. We ship to the United States for all products on the page, except sweet potato seeds and compost bags.
  • Do we ship internationally to other parts of the world?
    Yes. We ship internationally To request a quote for international shipping, you can write us your address and the products you want with the desired quantity to the email< /a> It is usually a more complicated and expensive process but we will do our best to be able to send it
  • What shipping services do we use?
    We primarily use the United States Postal Service (USPS). For larger and heavier orders we use Island Wide. Some of these services are not available, we use UPS.
  • Does My Garden produce 100% of the seeds it sells?
    We only produce 70% of the seeds we sell. The other 30% are seeds that are very difficult to produce their seed, but not their edible part. And that is why we bring it to have available what we eat most in our diet. For example, some plants need to go through winter in order to reproduce their seeds. But its edible part grows very well in our climate. No company that sells food seeds commercially produces all the seeds it offers. They all depend on the labor of many farmers in different climates doing conservation work.
  • Are all the seeds we sell organic?
    YES. All the Seeds we sell are Organic. Our farm and all the seeds we sell have an Organic Production Certification issued by the U.S.D.A. through an inspection organization that visits our facilities and examines all the processes carried out on the farm.
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