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(Beta vulgaris) 

This plant produces roots that are about 4-6" wide. The leaves are also eaten. As the whole plant is eaten, it is necessary to replant again and again to continue harvesting beets. It needs well-worked soil and terrifying the roots so that they get fat.

Remolacha / Beet "Detroit"

SKU: R010
  • Climate: Direct Sun
    Germination: 2 - 5 days
    Depth: 1/4"
    Distance: 4"-6"
    Harvest: 60 days

    Sizes and Prices:

    Package (50 seeds approx) $2.00

    2 oz (4,600 seeds approx) $10.00

    1/2 Lb (17.000 seeds approx) $35.00

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