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 (Lipppia stoechadifolia)

This plant grew wild throughout Puerto Rico but this has diminished, like that of many other plants, due to ignorance and the uncontrolled use of herbicides by our own government and by people without conscience, perhaps due to ignorance.
​Pennyroyal used in baths detoxifies the skin, cleansing it of impurities. Its leaves and flowers are a natural insecticide. Several branches are cut, tied together and placed around the corners of houses to keep insects away. Also, its flowers and leaves in tea are an excellent intestinal pain reliever and attack colds.
NOTE: Pregnant women should not consume pennyroyal.
​ This plant likes the sun and adapts to any climate in Puerto Rico. It tends to collect the white fungus and other insects, preventing them from reaching the rest of your garden or orchard, doing the job of pest control.

Lemon Pennyroyal

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