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This book celebrates the country's authentic wellness, agricultural, and healing traditions through lively dialogues with empirical botanists, midwives, and farmers. Interviewees share their insights with humor, anecdotes, and philosophical reflections. Some provide us with prescriptions for ailments from asthma and arthritis to ulcers and eye disorders. Others motivate us to participate in the movement to create a national agriculture that produces for all without poisoning. They provide us with natural techniques to scare away pests in the felling, to techniques to cure farmyard animals. Between interviews, essays and recipes, this volume explores the relationship between natural medicine used for generations by the Boricua people and our organic agriculture. At the same time, it establishes how these traditions can help us to face the ecological challenges that are presented to us today.  In addition to a good subject index, there is a suggested bibliography and a table of medicinal plants with their Puerto Rican, scientific, and English names. Finally, there is a list of people and groups that work for our well-being and for the health of our ecosystems. Sembrando y Sanando en Puerto Rico is entertaining,  practical, inspiring, always useful

Even the Baths Heal you

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