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Use Down To Earth Seabird 0-11-0 High Phosphorus Guano throughout the blooming period for all indoor and outdoor plants. Strawberries, melons, greens, and all kinds of flowers will benefit from mid-season applications to improve yields, quality, and flavor, while also enhancing beneficial bacteria activity in your garden soil. .

As one of the big three nutrients for plants, phosphorus plays a role in root and flower development, helping to produce high-quality fruit and flowers. Phosphorus helps plants adapt to a new soil by boosting root development. Strong root development means plants will grow faster and be healthier because they can absorb more water and nutrients from the soil. You will have bigger carrots and potatoes, and the flowers will produce bigger buds.

DTE Seabird 0-11-0 Guano can be mixed with garden soils and potting mixes or applied as a top dressing during the growing season.

Guano Seabird 0-11-0


  • Sea Bird Guano- 5 Lb $28.00

    Sea Bird Guano 20 Lb $80.00

    Sea Bird Guano 40 Lb $145.00

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