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This 10-print micronovela portrays characters from four generations in two Borincan neighborhoods and in the diaspora. The efforts, eroticism, beliefs and confessions of these Puerto Ricans sneak under our skin to cucarnos, to stretch.  They take us to sublime and dark places, humorous and mysterious. They move and shake. I suspect they will bring medicine for their readers.Dolores y Milagros explores birth and destiny, innocence, West Indian and feminist spiritualities, the painful humanity of addiction, our connection to the natural world and to the crafts of the earth, miracles, belonging, the healing of souls and bodies, the ties of community through time. Finally, all the characters are in the same batey; some physically present, others from the beyond. All intimately connected from always and forever. I would recommend reading it on a single rainy day or better yet on a night during the bullfight.

Dolores y Milagros

SKU: L008

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