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(Eryngium Foetidum)

This herb is a favorite in Puerto Rico. It has a smell and taste similar to coriander and is used in cooking in different cultures around the world. It grows easily and is perennial although the seeds are small and should be sown in the ground uncovered. It likes cool and humid weather.

Recao o Culantro de Monte / Long Leaf Coriander

SKU: H016
  • Climate: Direct Sun
    Germination: 15-20 days
    Depth: 1/8"
    Distance: 6"
    Harvest: 80 days

    Sizes and Prices:
    Package $2.00

    1/2 oz (15,000 seeds approx) $12.00

    2 oz (65,000 seeds approx) $25.00

    1/2 Lb (250,000 seeds approx) $90.00

    1 Lb (500,000 seeds approx) $175.00

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