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The canavalia bean is not edible, but it improves soil fertility, since it fixes nitrogen; likewise, it can be used in rotation programs, that is, it is planted, it is waited for it to produce and, later, it is cut in its entirety and left as ground cover. It is a plant that measures up to two meters in height, has a deep root and as fruits it offers pods about 30 centimeters long, which contain up to 30 ivory-white beans inside. This species can be planted in all types of terrain and environments, it can be under the shade of other species or in direct exposure to the sun; as a single batch crop, where up to 30,000 plants per cuerda can be sown.


SKU: G002
  • Climate: Direct Sun
    Germination: 4-8 days
    Depth: 1"
    Distance: 2¨-3¨
    Harvest: 90 days

    Sizes and Prices:
    Package (20 seeds approx) $2.00

    10 Lb or more $5.00/Lb

    1/2 Lb (75 seeds approx) $6.00



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