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Our compost is the key to success

Our compost is the key to the success of crops on the farm 🌸 we can talk about pots and planting in different ways, but nutrient-rich soil is extremely important. Without a soil with minerals, you can have the best seed in the world, but it is very likely that it will germinate weakly, or not bear fruit, suffer from diseases and die quickly... Compost is a good foundation for the garden or farm.< /p>

Those who have tried Compost From My Garden in their crops know how beneficial it is.

We recommend adding compost to your gardens every time you plant new plants 🪴 and every 2-3 months. You will see the difference 👀

Order our compost here:

*We ship to all of Puerto Rico but we cannot ship to the USA

*You can come to our store in Isabela to pick up as many as you want.

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