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(Allium cepa var. aggregatu)

Annual plant family of onions and garlic. The plant grows like a chive, from one clove the leaves and stems multiply and when it dries up several cloves are collected. It is an "heirloom boricua" variety that has been cultivated in the fields of Puerto Rico. It is easy to sow and grow. They need good drainage to get fat. Good crop for times with difficult climates in the tropics. It is very rich in all kinds of food and was one of the original ingredients where the traditional sofrito was made in the Puerto Rican jibaro houses.

Chalotas / Shallots

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  • Climate: Direct Sun
    Germination: 8-12 days
    Depth: 1"
    Distance: 6"-8"
    Harvest: 120 days

    Sizes and Prices:

    Package (4 seeds approx) $2.00

    2 oz (24 seeds approx) $10.00

    1/2 Lb (90 seeds approx) $35.00

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