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(Curcubita Moschata) 

This variety tends to do best in drier, warmer locations. It is of fast growth and production since its fruits can be ready in 50-70 days from its germination. Its fruits are dark green and can be picked tender from 8" or up to 16" when ripe and thick.

Calabacín/ Squash "Black Beauty"

SKU: V016
  • Climate: Direct Sun
    Germination: 4-8 days
    Depth: 1/2"
    Distance: 12"-24""
    Harvest: 70 days

    Sizes and Prices:
    Package (15 seeds approx) $2.00

    1/2 oz (200 seeds approx) $8.00

    1 oz (400 seeds approx) $16.00

    1/2 lb (3200 seeds approx) $70.00

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